Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My Great British Adventure Part 1

So after the GSA kindly let me have an easter holiday, I decided to spend some of it down in London having busier than normal days tearing round at top speed seeing all the exhibitions I could. The only thing really to report from which was my distress at the long standing colour exhibition at the Tate Britain. They made a nice feature out of showing a time line of the colours Turner used and their inventions along with locations corresponding to his colour use. The colour strips made for the locations were most distressing as they had been hand painted and then hung in the gallery...on blue sugar paper. Disappointment Tate Britain - try harder.

Anyway, to Part 2 of my adventure, which starts today, off to photograph and draw up in Glencoe,which is sure to be an adventure as it started snowing there in the night and I'm camping. Fun. I suppose when focusing on brutality in nature, my trip surely fits the bill.

Friday, 12 March 2010


Everything has that glow!

So 2 days after the fashion show madness and everything has that post show glow, all the difficulties are seen with perfect rose tinted glasses and to be honest I'm loving it! There's plenty of time to see things in the cold light of day so I'm kicking back, trying to be someone who vaguely resembles a good friend, girlfriend and person, along with all the sleep to catch up on! Enjoy the photos!