Friday, 6 January 2012

The year of creative!


As you can see from my last post I have been off the radar slightly as this blog used to be primarily used to showcase images of my work. I am still not in a position to do this but I can tell you a few things I have been working on and you can read my assurances that there will be images where the copyright belongs to me on here shortly!

I am still working on a fairly regular basis (about every six weeks) for Debenhams Rocha department, in fact when some of the things I have done hit the shops I shall post links accordingly. I am also popping in today to begin some new work for them.

Studio wise, I am thoroughly enjoying working for studios, the freedom I get with it is amazing and because I am working for a few it gives me a bit of variation in my month. Working with "Code" is always a pleasure and my work is currently in New York (the US seem to like my work so fingers crossed). I am also working for a studio in the South East, near Brighton called "Swatch Loft" who have a really lovely collection - very different from 'Code' which is nice, I believe this work is to go round the world very shortly, Hong Kong, NY, LA and Australia - Exciting! I have been working hard for a new studio which shall remain a surprise until launch but I am really excited about this too! Details to follow upon launch!

I have been working with Ellen Turnill Montoya a fellow GSA graduate on a book cover project, there are 7 short stories each one is based around one of the seven deadly sins. I have been asked to embroider the samples for the covers which will then be printed upon production. It has been (and I'm sure will continue to be) great to work with Ellen and reconnect with her as we had been too busy to see much of each other since her Glasgow days. It's also been great to work on some new techniques and work in a different format that my usual studio work which although has some interiors work, it is primarily for a fashion market.

I have other things in the pipeline, including using my paintings and drawings for some interesting work and also developing a small home & gift ware collection to hopefully sell in the GSA shop - news & images to follow!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year, for me it was definately a time to think and suddenly realise everything that has happened within the past year to me, everything in my life has changed - in really adventurous and ultimately good ways so I hope that any changes you are all going through they also prove....ultimately good!

With lots of love and creative energy for the new year,

Annice x

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