Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A week of Crockery! Part 1: Espresso Cups

Hello again!  

So these little espresso cups are probably my favourite item currently so they get to be shared first!  

They just look so dainty especially next to all the other crockery I did recently!  I think my particular favourite is the first one shown here but I do keep changing my mind.

Which one is your favourite?

They will definitely be available very soon to buy from my online shop but if you are in love with them as much as I am then you can drop me a line and I'll give you first refusal :)

So the gritty details of it are - the cup height measures 5.4cm and the saucer width is 12.5cm - super dainty!

Oh also, if you fancy taking a look at the full catalogue just drop me a line and I will email it to you.

Have a wonderful day! Annice


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